Welcome Friends and Neighbors to your new Glenwood Park Homeowners Association website. We hope that the new site will offer you lots of new function and purpose and will serve as an important communication tool to keep our neighborhood the best it can be. Please take some time and look around at the site and let us know what you think.
                           Thank you, your Glenwood Park Neighborhood Association Board
2019 update:

We are getting Engineering review to plan for needed maintenance on the ponds.

The 2019-2020 Annual dues notices will be mailed soon. Dues are to be paid by July 31.
Also, the Board will be filing liens on Properties that are overdue more than 2 years.

Hello Everyone, The Spring 2019 Newsletter has been posted in the 'Documents' page

    Thank You to all who attended the annual meeting at the Methodist Church this year. There was a good turn out and a lot of constructive conversation. The board would like to welcome several new plat directors this year: Plat 1 - Trevor Long, Plat 3a - Pat Kittilstad, Plat 3b - Amy Woodrum. Thank you for sharing some of your time with the neighborhood.

2017 Work Days  
          Saturday, June 10
       Saturday, June 17
       Saturday, September 10
       Saturday, September17
 Please meet by pond 1 at 9am each workday. Reminder signs will be posted at the neighborhood entrances one week prior to workdays. Thanks and please take some time to help our neighborhood look its best.

Hello Friends and Neighbors,
    It has come to our attention that some have had a bit of difficulty registering with the site. So, we thought that we would post a brief tutorial on a page that is available to everyone. If you are still having trouble, please contact your board representative and they can pass on your info.

Registration Tutorial

In the upper right hand corner, above the weather icon there is some text in the gray border area that reads: Please "log in" or "register". The "log in" text is for those who have already established an account and therefore have etablished a password. The "register" text is for those who need to establish an account. If you are trying to establish an account please click directly over the "register" text. 
Once you have clicked over the "register" text, you will be on the registration page. Scroll down the page a bit filling in your information as requested.


Once you have entered the requested information, you will see a gray box on the bottom left of the page with the text "Register". Click in the gray box over the "Register" text and your all done.


Once you have clicked the "Register" button, we will get you approved as soon as possible so that you can enjoy the great features of our new website.

If you are still having trouble, please contact your board representative so that they can pass on your info. Thanks for your Time, 
                 Your Glenwood Park Home Owners Association Board

For anyone who may not be familliar with our neighborhood, here is a bit about us:

   Glenwood Park Subdivision is situated on the east side of Chatham, Illinois near the Chatham Middle School, Intermediate School and Lake Springfield. Our residents enjoy large lots and mature trees as well as strategically placed park-like open or "common" areas. The neighborhood is designed around three main ponds that our neighbors and friends can use for recreation or just a nice view. Glenwood Park is somewhat secluded and outside traffic is minimal. Glenwwod Park also uniquely features subdivision maintained sidewalks that lace the neighborhood and allow residents to traverse the length of the subdivision while only crossing several streets.
   We are a family oriented neighborhood with a wide variety of residents. Our neighbors are in all stages of life and vary widely from young families to retired couples who have raised their families in the neighborhood. Glenwood Park residents take pride in their property and it shows in the well manicured lawns and well maintained homes. Glenwood Park is not a cookie cutter neighborhood and the architecture varies as much as the residents. No two homes appear the same, stately Colonials next to Tri-levels and Traditionals next to Cape Cods. Glenwood Park offers something for everyone, room for kids to run yet quiet for those who prefer a slower pace and safety for all. Thank You for your interest in our neighborhood.
        The Glenwood Park Neighborhood Association.